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Posted by Javier Peña on

From the Fika & Co. team we are truly proud to announce and tell you about our new collection: "Offline is the Luxury".

As usual, our products are a Limited Edition of 50 units of each model. As you know we are a brand completely committed to the environment and totally slow fashion.

Our added value is the ecological materials, management processes with minimized polluting impact (from local production in Madrid, to the shipping packaging also of recycled and dual-use materials), all without neglecting the best quality in all the materials we use in our garments. As always made to last.
We are also fortunate to participate actively in the plantations thanks to the non-profit association Rforest Project. In which we reduce our ecological footprint and to which we encourage you to become partners, encourage you to join us in future plantations and contribute your grain of sand, since each gesture, no matter how small, adds up.


Why: "Offline is the new luxury"? In the last year, we have changed many habits in our day to day, such as the implementation of teleworking, more hours at home and less possibilities of outdoors freedom. So that our collection is a claim to enjoy even more our family and friends, adventure, nature, the sea, the motorcycle, road trips and many other plans in which we do not need to be connected to the phone or social networks.


We hope you like it as much as we liked its development. Again all the designs are made by Javier Peña and handmade serigraphy one by one in Madrid by an artisan, betting and contributing to the local economy.

Here are some photographs taken by two collaborating artists of Fika & Co. On the one hand in a getaway through the rice fields and beaches of Canggu, Indonesia thanks to @therealgms and on the other hand the different themes associated with the history behind each of the garments that make up the collection thanks to the magical hand of @alangoesnuts.


Let us know what you think in the comments. Thank you very much for following and supporting us!

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