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15% Discount for your first purchase
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Handpainted by Javier Peña (@jp_artride)

At Fika & Co. we brag about the good friends we have and the collaborations we do with them. In this case, we are talking about Cafe Racer SSpirit again (check out their work on Instagram at the following link: @caferacersspirit ), and Bycity (you can also follow them at: @bycityofficial ) .

A few months ago, we received a call from Hugo and Juan Carlos (founders and owners of CRSS) to propose us to make an artistic motorcycle, specifically a BMW R100S . Obviously, our answer was: "Yes, of course!".

A new challenge in sight and to which we wanted to add value."

Giving shape to this idea, we thought that we should take advantage of this work to also make a helmet to match the artistic motorcycle. In order for it to be a true 1 of 1 . In which both CRSS and the client himself said: "Hit it hard! and let's do it".

All the emotion that we applied to this project made it bigger as the days went by and as the date to carry it out approached. Until finally, we decided to make 3 classic BMW artistic tanks and 7 jet-type helmets, for which we had the help and bases of our friends at Bycity (one of the jet helmets with the smallest homologated shell (ECE) on the market , and with a very good quality in its finishes).

The first thing we did was acquire the tanks and the base hulls, to which later and after completely disassembling them, we applied a white primer base, in order to favor the adhesion of the paint that we would apply and avoid distorting the final colors.

Once everything was ready to get to work, we went to the CRSS offices together with our great friend and best content producer Mario Herraiz ( @herraizm ). Totally essential to obtain the best result and be able to document it, as it deserves.

There, as you can see in the images, we were truly overwhelmed by such an environment, which would be the true dream of many lovers of two wheels. A ship full of projects in progress and full of holes of classic motorcycling, in which a light also entered and a truly perfect atmosphere was breathed to create the artistic pieces.

As in everything that is unique and out of the norm, controversy is served"

Luckily, the client was more than satisfied with the result (and enjoying his unique piece in Galician lands), we were more than happy to have been able to participate in this project, and our friends at CRSS were very proud. (What more could you want?)

Such was the good reception that in just a few weeks they sold out, and recently we have created a new batch of artistic helmets (which you can see in more detail on our website, click here ). Always with the maxim of making unique pieces, for authentic and exclusive people, lovers of art and two wheels, both for daily use and to keep it and display it in one of its showcases at home or in the office.

Below we leave you some photographs of the final result, so that you can judge for yourself, as well as the explanatory video made with Hugo on his Cafe Racer SSpirit YouTube channel.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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